Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Orchestrating BPEL Validation

This is a repost from the SOA news group:

We have been testing our implementations against some pretty large bpel documents with good results. Also, it is easy enough to enforce syntactic validation as a web service. Thus, each vendor (OpenStorm, Collaxa, Vitria, etc.) would expose a service to validate a bpel, then we would publish a simple "validation orchestration" that tested the syntax against each vendors implementation. The customer builds the bpel schedule and then calls the orchestration, which in turn calls each vendors validator. The results are aggregated and returned to the vendor. I can not commit on behalf of any other vendors, but I can commit that OpenStorm will offer this as a service.

The service world (and orchestration) may force standards to remain, well... standards.

I would bet that my esteemed colleagues at Collaxa are game for an open validation service / orchestration as well.

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