Sunday, April 11, 2004

Eric Newcomer from Iona recently stated:
I can't see that the drawing approach will really work. I don't know of any graphical software development tool that has yet to address the entire lifecycle; or that generates code of sufficient quality.

I think it's just a problem that isn't meant to be solved.

Since this statement Eric and Stefan have found some common ground:
-Models can have common ui notation and be graphically driven.
-Models can drive metadata.
-The graphical notation and the resulting metadata are two completely different concepts and should be managed that way.
-XML is a great way to drive a metadata approach.

Here are some additional random thoughts:
-Models and action semantics can create traditional 3GL code, but I'm not sure you want them to.
-Metadata can be interpreted by engines and executed.
-Engines are at the heart of reusable services.
-Nouns translate nicely into metadata.

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