Thursday, April 29, 2004


Mark Baker declared that I was on the way to enlightenment (AKA, seeing things his way).

You know, I'm not sure if I am a RESTifarian.

When I first saw this: I used it as a tool to determine what components of XP I believed in. It is tough to say, "Yea, I am an XP guy or Yea, I'm a RESTifarian". I've looked at some of the REST wiki's out there and I haven't found the simple list of rules and guidelines.
What I'd like to be able to do is say, "I support RESTifarian rules/practices 3, 5, 9, 11 and 14."

Perhaps if one of the REST supporters would give me the discrete rules for REST, I could more clearly state my opinion.

Side note:
The XP guys did a great job. For the record, I'm not an XP'er. I've worked too many huge projects. Here is my stance:

User stories are written. - Support
Release planning creates the schedule.- Unsure
Make frequent small releases. - Strongly Support
The Project Velocity is measured. - Unsure
The project is divided into iterations. - Strongly Support
Iteration planning starts each iteration. - Strongly Support
Move people around. - Support
A stand-up meeting starts each day. - Partially Support
Fix XP when it breaks. - Strongly Support

Simplicity. - Don't Support
Choose a system metaphor. - Don't Support
Use CRC cards for design sessions. - Support for OO systems
Create spike solutions to reduce risk. - Strongly Support
No functionality is added early. - Don't Support
Refactor whenever and wherever possible. - Partially Support

The customer is always available. - Unrealistic - Don't Support
Code must be written to agreed standards. - Support
Code the unit test first. - Partially Support
All production code is pair programmed. - Don't Support
Only one pair integrates code at a time. - Don't Support
Integrate often. - Fully Support
Use collective code ownership. - Partially Support
Leave optimization till last. - Don't Support
No overtime. - Don't Support

All code must have unit tests. - Partially Support
All code must pass all unit tests before it can be released. - Support
When a bug is found tests are created. - Support
Acceptance tests are run often and the score is published. - Fully Support

No, I'm not an XP'er. I think they had some great ideas - but no, I didn't just close my eyes and say all of them were good ideas and jump on board. Am I a RESTifarian? Give me the tools to evaluate and I'll let you know.

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