Friday, April 09, 2004

OpenStorm Orchestrator Update

Just a quick note - next week we will be making available the 2.1 version of the suite. Updates include:

Studio Update
- Improved wsdl editing
- 'Helper' for specifying duration and deadlines
- 'Helper' for graphically creating correlations
- 'Helper' for rapid message definitions on in-bound and out-bound web service calls
- Full XPath manipulation tool
- 'Helper' for boolean expression building (switch, while)
- Ability to create rapid services (drop either Java or C# code directly into an invoke node and it compiles and deploys the code as a remote web service, then replaces the code with the wsdl that front ends the code).
- New 'Web Service Invoker' tool for calling/testing services
- Canvas supports zoom-in/zoom-out, also has a new 'thumb-nail view'

Java Server Update
- Increased support for variations of the 'assign' tag
- New console with drill down (view by bpel, by instance, by correlation, etc.)
- Reliability upgrade with full state machine persistence (test = pull the power plug, plug it back in)

.Net Server Update
- Reworking web service layer to support latest Microsoft WSE upgrades
- Creating long term architecture for Indigo support

- New BPEL Programmers Manual
- Packaging WSDOX web service documentation with software

In addition, we've added a couple people to the engineering team so we should be able to move a bit quicker on the 2.2 release.

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