Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SOA Governance Priorities

I've been sending out emails and making some phone calls asking a simple question. How are companies prioritizing the various aspects of SOA Governance, using the following categories:

A. Plan Time Governance - Ensuring that business initiatives aligned with key I.T. services, avoiding silos while gaining cross organizational funding, etc.

B. Design Time Governance - Utilizing registries, repositories, validation frameworks, etc. to promote best practices in schema and contract design enabling reuse, search, verify, etc.

C. Pre-Release Governance - Validating solutions meet pre-production needs (highly available, secure, fast response times, new version doesn't break existing consumers, etc.)

D. Run Time Governance - Ensuring that the services in production are monitored, adhere to SLA's, leverage run time policies, etc.

E. Infrastructure Governance - Verify that the infrastructure used (ESB's, Registries, Mediation Devices, etc.) adhere to the corporate standards.

I've got quite a bit of feedback (thank you). For the most part, people feel that B, D and E are getting the attention, while A and C are not.

Here's where I'm seeing people spend time/money:
(B, D, C, E, A)

Here's my personal opinion on where they SHOULD spend time/money:
(A, C, B/D, E)

Here's my take:
- SOA Governance = A
- B,C & D aren't actually SOA Governance, they fall under the umbrella of "Service Lifecycle Management"
- E is a form of EA Governance (applied to the SOA domain)

Most companies have completely failed in "plan time governance". If you're going to do "transformational SOA", this is a recipe for disaster.

Companies that choose not to tackle Plan Time Governance are doing something other than SOA. I like to call it SOB. More on this later...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with this. I am the SOA Governance Manager with a large hospitality industry business and we are in the infancy of adopting SOA. It had been tried a couple times before this attempt, but luckily the current PTB realized that governance was the reason it failed before, and a big emphasis is being placed on that this go round. I am being given a great deal for professional freedom and latitude in leading and advancing the SOA adoption and am stressing the business first approach and alignment of IT Business domains with the Lines of Business of our company. Of course this is jsut the tip of the iceberg, but it is a crucial step in adopting the new way of thinking that is SOA.