Monday, December 27, 2004

Service/Relational Mapper

Need a little help here...

I've received a few client requests for what I call, "service/relational mappers". In essence it is the same as object relational mapping but with web services. Here are the typical requirements:
1. Be able to both send and receive WS-I compliant web service messages
2. Ability to visually map an in-coming or out-going web service messages to a relational database schema (insert, update, delete, select)
3. "service oriented cron" - ability to wake up every so often, check the database and turn the new records into SOAP messages for outbound delivery.
4. Maintain a log of the activity
5. Send appropriate exceptions / errors

The key here is simple service to relational database mapping (DBMS vendor neutral).
If you've used a product or products that you are happy with, please send me a note:

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