Sunday, January 15, 2006

Microsoft SOA Contest

The Great Microsoft WSDL Hunt


MomentumSI is sponsoring a contest to see if anyone can locate the Microsoft WSDL's! Yes - anyone can win an SOA Tee Shirt, even Ray Ozzie!

All you have to do is:
  1. Find a supported WSDL from ANY current Microsoft product (hosted or shrink-wrap)
  2. Send me (jschneider at the name of the product and the WSDL as well as where you found it (URL, etc.)

  1. The product has to be from Microsoft, the most current version and supported
  2. You can send as many WSDL's as you want (but you'll only win once)
  3. Only the first person to send me the WSDL wins
  4. I only have about 100 tee shirts left - when I'm out of tee shirts the contest ends.
  5. Don't send anything confidential.

When "The Great Microsoft WSDL Hunt" is over, I'll publish the results.

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