Sunday, January 15, 2006


IMHO - here are some of the major differences between SOA-WS and SOA-CORBA. Perhaps Steve V./Eric N./etc. would be kind enough to give their list.

  1. ALL major infrastructure vendors are supporting the Web services stack - do you remember when Microsoft threw CORBA under the bus?
  2. ALL major application vendors are moving their ERP/CRM/etc. products to a service-based platform; how many application vendors redesigned their products for CORBA?
  3. THE major desktop productivity suite, Microsoft Office, will be capable of locating, publishing and consuming web services; I don't remember office productivity doing much with CORBA...
  4. SOA-WS has put significant emphasis on long-running and asynchronous programming models, enabling B2B activity. Did CORBA do much in B2B?
  5. SOA-WS has put much more emphasis on network routing - enabling 'virtual services' and in-the-network transformations, mitigating the 'versioning problem'. These are lessons learned from the CORBA days...

I'll leave the discussion on IDL/IIOP/Common Facilities/etc. to the experts...

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